At ALTERLIFE we have selected the top companies that provide services or products that will help you achieve your goals and we have unique privileges.

Dear members and friends of ALTERLIFE,

In our quest to continuously provide you with a fitness excellence experience, we have chosen to partner strategically with the leading insurance company in Greece, INTERAMERICAN and to become an integral part of the “bewell” health system!

With “bewell“, INTERAMERICAN goes beyond the limits of insurance by providing its insureds with a comprehensive proposal for every person’s health and life, which includes their personalized insurance solutions, prevention, nutrition, exercise, and information on any issue related to managing and managing our health.
The purpose of this collaboration is to always have good health, having an insurance plan as an extra pillow.

At the first stage of our partnership with INTERAMERICAN, nutrition is at the center of attention. Three webinars from INTERAMERICAN take you to the office of renowned nutritionists-dieticians who will reveal everything about good eating habits that change our diet and body weight, contemporary myths and the truths about nutrition and nutrition for the entire family. Anastasios Papalazarou, Paul Faradjian and Vassiliki Pirogiannis become your personal consultants with one click, completely free of charge. Coming Soon!


ALTERLIFE finds Delta the ideal ally to promote a healthy lifestyle

Because nutrition and exercise go together, ALTERLIFE teamed up with Delta to offer practitioners the best nutrition advice. Without magic recipes, but with innovative fresh products, top quality and high nutritional value, DELTA has to offer this collaboration the most healthy and enjoyable options!

ALTERLIFE’s MIND the FOOD program aims to educate our members on the proper nutrients their body needs to function properly and meet their fitness goals. In this context, DELTA offers all of us at ALTERLIFE a wide range of products, which improve our eating habits and are perfectly combined with fitness and fitness. The Life Super Fruit Juice range, with 4 distinct flavors and properties such as detox, balance, uplift, energize. The Vitaline go nuts and grains range, yogurt desserts with all the fruits, protein, cereals, oats and super foods. Milko protein products, with 26 grams of protein and reduced sugar always with Milko’s delicious chocolate flavor and Delta’s range of vegetable drinks, in 5 delicious flavors, low in fat and calories, with no antioxidant activity, no added pigments or preservatives , enriched with calcium and vitamins.

Health and wellness in the context of well-being. Delta products are the perfect complement to your workout.