ALTERLIFE SCHOOL is the effort of ALTERLIFE to transmute the vast know-how and experience it accumulates daily by safely training its 20,000+ members. The ALTERLIFE Senior Trainers and Technical Directorate in cooperation with ALTERLIFE SCHOOL have two main strategic directions:

  • to ensure the technically sound and safe training of our members,
  • to prepare new generations of professional trainees


No one can underestimate the power of the acquired knowledge and its significance in the evolution of one as both a human and a professional. Whether it is:

  • postgraduate studies – on site or from a distance
  • semesters or smaller courses
  • simple 4 to 8-hour seminars
lifelong learning has now turned from luxury to necessity. Academic studies are the basis, but no one can only stay there if he/she wants to remain competitive and play a leading role in the industry in which he/she operates. Especially in professional disciplines so dynamic, that new data, new techniques and practices change force correlations continuously.
Why Education in ALTERLIFE
ΤALTERLIFE SCHOOL and the Technical Directorate with our trainers are committed to transmitting you not just ACADEMIC Knowledge, but the ideal mix of know-how and experience. Combined with on-the-job practice it will give you a competitive edge in the labor market.
ALTERLIFE’s Technical Directorate is constantly updated on all new state-of-the-art training methods and techniques worldwide to integrate them into the services of our fitness clubs and then to prepare the new training programs of ALTERLIFE SCHOOL.

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for the possibility of training at ALTERLIFE in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Crete.


By contrast, the only school that directly connects attendance with professional rehabilitation…

The rapid growth of ALTERLIFE and the continued demand for new fitness club staff was one of the main reasons that led us to the creation of ALTERLIFE SCHOOL. Equally important is the fact that ALTERLIFE integrates all the new trends in the fitness world into which we do not have experienced and adequately trained professional trainers.

ALTERLIFE SCHOOL is now almost the only source of recruiting for ALTERLIFE.

Do you dream of a successful career in fitness?
ALTERLIFE has recruited more than 200 trainers last year!


Do not waste any more time! Become a member of the strongest team, work with the best, and trust the leaders to train you!!

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